Unas revistas importantes

Revista Iberoamericana 221 (Oct.-Dec. 2007) is entirely available online so I am leaving my beautiful paper copy in this café because I do not recognize the issue when it sits on my shelf. It is on literature and technology but the articles are on topics like photographic desire in Lugones’ short stories, the photographic image between the aura and the questioning of identity, and radio and the avant-garde, which I love and which, of course, quotes Vallejo. There are also reviews of Raúl Bueno’s book on Cornejo Polar and Silvio Torres-Saillant’s intellectual history of the Caribbean, so all in all it is an issue I should read with joy in its beautiful paper entirety–but I am doing things another way.

Revista Iberoamericana 194-195 (January-June 2001) is another issue I kept, but am giving up. There is much in it of value but I had kept it for an article (pp. 191-200) called “Escribir el sujeto anómalo. (Des)leer El negrero de Novás Calvo.” I’ve torn this article out, as though it were an offprint, so I can file it more visibly, read it, study it, it is important.

The January 2016 PMLA is another journal issue of good general interest, that I have kept for the sake of a translation of Nebrija and a fascinating forum post. I will save these.

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