Los apuntes

El proyecto más amplio:
+ reading of race in discurso letrado:
– there are all these short-circuits
– particularly before 1930, before mestizaje paradigm was consolidated
– against Doris Sommer’s happier vision
Questions for this proyecto amplio:
– why the short-circuits (the evoke and elide)
– why the need for strategies of denial (which mestizaje paradigm was used for)
– why the ambivalence (this will be juxtaposition)
This paper:
– da Silva: useful because global (against L.A. exceptionalism)
– super-useful to me because evoke-and-elide
So the books I am working with:
– use evoke-and-elide to create the Latin American subject
– have to use it because identification of that subject (European/indigenous) is unstable
– are also juxtaposing different discourses (Hooker)
From these books I get legitimacy to discuss:
– white supremacy, because it is global (da Silva)
– Latin America in a hemispheric frame, because both Latin American and US thinkers did

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