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Spanish women poets of the 20s and 30s

I have photocopies of the first chapter or two of Catherine Bellver’s excellent book, that I am recycling because I keep forgetting that I have them–and do not seem to be reading the poets in question. They are listed here … Continue reading

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Books for Children: a building post, and yet another that I must organize

Do people still read books like Ring Out Bow Bells and Cue for Treason? Or books by Nina Bawden? Rumer Godden? I’m just thinking of the books I read at that age that I can’t imagine not having read. The … Continue reading

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La Habana de Cecilia Valdés

This book is at LSU and Tulane and from what Rodrigo Lazo says in his article it is very interesting. The author, Loló de la Torriente, appears to have other interesting books and at first glance does not appear to … Continue reading

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On mestizaje and border thinking

Someone in another department e-mailed to ask about a reading list and this was my quick answer: On the recommended list, all are respected / standard, but the one I’ve actually read is the Anzaldua. It’s set in the Southwest … Continue reading

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Gender and Modernism

Is this anthology worth the $1,500 it costs? I am not saying it is not a good reference work – imagine what a great find it would be for a graduate student working in this area – I am just … Continue reading

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A Classic Article to Reread

Mae G. Henderson, Speaking in Tongues. To seriously read if you have not. I am heavily into rereading classic pieces at this time. I may even take some of my famous notes.

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Project 2011

This is the sort of tone I am used to taking as “realistic” – or “normal” or “factual” – but it is abusive, and I am still learning that. In 2011 I am learning to identify certain falsehoods I was … Continue reading

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