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For those culture courses

A virtual revista on Latin American cinema. UCSD has a project on memoria histórica which incorporates undergraduate research. Advertisements

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Hispanic Cities on Film: Urban Theory in the Freshman Seminar

Look at this. I found it here.

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Pedro Costa

Feed your head. Axé.

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Fuentes en el cine

Fuentes en el cine incluye, entre otros títulos, El gallo de oro (1964), clásico del cine nacional dirigido por Roberto Gavaldón y cuyo guión, basado en un argumento de Juan Rulfo, estuvo a cargo de Fuentes y su colega colombiano Gabriel García … Continue reading

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Nuevo Cine

If we start with the Viña festival and nuevo cine, what film shall we start with? Here is a book on this festival that I wish I had all of. What about Valparaíso, mi amor? Or Ya no basta con … Continue reading

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Film planning and shopping list

This is a post in progress, and it will change, morph, grow obsolete, and perhaps be deleted in the end. And before buying all of these films, of course, I can see whether or not they are secretly available somehow. … Continue reading

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An article to read

The new prominence of documentary films seems to be an almost universal phenomenon within world cinema. But in each country, the specificity of national-historical experience necessarily imprints its own character on the form. In Brazil, the contemporary documentary movement cannot … Continue reading

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