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La revue indigène

I will donate my Xerox of this 1927-1928 literary and arts journal from Port-au-Prince. There are copies of it at several university libraries in state and at Austin, so I can consult it again. Advertisements

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Preguntas suculentas

I have the germ of a exam question that I am not going to use because I do not have time to develop it. But it is about civilization and barbarism: Foucault and also da Silva criticize humanism and the … Continue reading

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Yet more books

I would like to have a good library, and some good bookstores, as I would truly use them. I would have fewer books around the house and office that I do not use but might, and fewer pieces of paper … Continue reading

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Here is a true curiosity: a poem on sugar cane, from 1764.

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…wanted slaves to fight in the Independence wars so that battle casualties would limit the numbers of Black people, he said.

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Sugar, Christianity, Slavery and the Making of Race

Here is yet another fascinating book to want, on race and sugar, and there is an issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies I should get, and many articles from this journal are available from TANDF for free — at least, … Continue reading

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Cecilia Valdés in New Orleans

This paper considers some New Orleans sources, parallels and intertexts of Cirilo Villaverde’s Cecilia Valdés o la loma del Ángel: novela de costumbres cubanas (Havana, 1839-New York, 1882) and the fact that Cuba’s national novel — also the best Spanish … Continue reading

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