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Unas revistas importantes

Revista Iberoamericana 221 (Oct.-Dec. 2007) is entirely available online so I am leaving my beautiful paper copy in this café because I do not recognize the issue when it sits on my shelf. It is on literature and technology but … Continue reading

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La idea de América Latina

q. I am looking for new readings about the concept of Latin America. In the past I have used Mignolo’s The Idea of Latin America and Laurence Whitehead’s Latin America: A New Interpretation with good results, but I would just … Continue reading

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A good course on Latin American Civilization

And yes, I am back to using the word civilization instead of “culture.”

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Coming up for air

“…the weakness of a propositional nation that’s devoted to commercializing its symbolic culture. A proposition is ultimately not a very emotionally satisfying identity for the majority of people who don’t want to chisel out an individual identity.” To consider. I … Continue reading

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Indigeneity in the Mexican Cultural Imagination

Here is a nice book to read. It fits my research project, and could even be used as a course textbook. Since the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1917, the state has engaged in vigorous campaign to forge a … Continue reading

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Poststructural sand castles (LARR 2002)

Here is another old article to review. It is in JSTOR so I can live without the paper journal, and it is in Scribd. Many others index it or refer to it, so I see I am not wrong to … Continue reading

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Preguntas suculentas

I have the germ of a exam question that I am not going to use because I do not have time to develop it. But it is about civilization and barbarism: Foucault and also da Silva criticize humanism and the … Continue reading

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