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Spanish women poets of the 20s and 30s

I have photocopies of the first chapter or two of Catherine Bellver’s excellent book, that I am recycling because I keep forgetting that I have them–and do not seem to be reading the poets in question. They are listed here … Continue reading

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Unas revistas importantes

Revista Iberoamericana 221 (Oct.-Dec. 2007) is entirely available online so I am leaving my beautiful paper copy in this café because I do not recognize the issue when it sits on my shelf. It is on literature and technology but … Continue reading

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On the speaking subject

I have had this offprint for 26 years and now it is available on JSTOR. Nancy Fraser, “The uses and abuses of French discourse theories for feminist politics,” is an important article. It was important for me and will be, … Continue reading

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La idea de América Latina

q. I am looking for new readings about the concept of Latin America. In the past I have used Mignolo’s The Idea of Latin America and Laurence Whitehead’s Latin America: A New Interpretation with good results, but I would just … Continue reading

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Dossier Benedict Anderson

I am working on a dossier. Here is Nationalism and Revolution: on Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities.

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Gathering my thoughts

That Goodrich article “From Barbarism to Civilization: Travels of a Latin American Text,” from ALH years ago, is one of those ancient articles I have in xerox and never recycle. My notes say it is important for Orientalist sources, oriental … Continue reading

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Etnomusicología, colonialismo, y culturas “menores” o identidad nacional

There is this book on Cuzco and one could talk about French Louisiana, the Faroes, Catalonia, and so many other places.

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