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On the speaking subject

I have had this offprint for 26 years and now it is available on JSTOR. Nancy Fraser, “The uses and abuses of French discourse theories for feminist politics,” is an important article. It was important for me and will be, … Continue reading

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How many roads

This is a book I want, about the 1968-1975 period in the United States. For most of 1968 I was eleven, and I turned nineteen at the end of 1975; that is why the period seems so real to me … Continue reading

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For my Lorca teaching machine

I must crank parts of it up again and I can use this. There is a series of posts.

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More scholars recovering from poststructuralism and postmodernism, then and now

There is this issue of Differences I have also held onto, from 1991 or year 1 of Reeducation; I marked an essay by Neil Lazarus and another by Gayatri Spivak to come back to when my presence of mind returned. … Continue reading

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Poststructural sand castles (LARR 2002)

Here is another old article to review. It is in JSTOR so I can live without the paper journal, and it is in Scribd. Many others index it or refer to it, so I see I am not wrong to … Continue reading

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Bernardo Carvalho

I have a section of an abandoned article called “Latin-tinged and marvelous,” about how one may only be Latin-tinged if one is to be considered marvelous. I should resurrect it in light of the remarks made here.

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Brunner and Mexico and all

Here is an article to read, and I need to read Brunner, have done for years. And I can see the Mexican courses I would like to teach: one on estridentismo and other vanguardias, using Tatiana Flores’ book and others, … Continue reading

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