Des femmes

Bibliographies on women writers, and proto-lists for courses and MA exams. 19th-21st centuries.

Bibliography 1: Stanford University, post-Marting Latin American bibliography
Bibliography 2, for Spain, has to include Susan Kirkpatrick: Las Románticas. Escritoras y subjetividad en España (1835-1850), Madrid, Cátedra, 1989; Antología de escritoras del siglo XIX, Madrid, Castalia-Instituto de la Mujer, 1992; and Mujer, modernismo y vanguardia en España (1898-1931), Madrid, Castalia, 2003. Other important scholars are Catherine Bellver and Susan Martin-Márquez.

born 19th century
[1796] Cecilia Böhl de Faber (Spain; narrative and short fiction; someone to know about at least)
1803 Flora Tristán (France / Peru; essay)
1814 Gertrudis Gómez (Cuba; narrative and essay)
1819 Juana Manso (Argentina; narrative and essay)
1851 Emilia Pardo Bazán (Spain; narrative and essay)
1852 Clorinda Matto (Peru; narrative and essay)
1886 Delmira Agustini (Uruguay – poetry)
1889 Gabriela Mistral (Chile – poetry)
1892 Alfonsina Storni (Argentina – poetry)
1899 Claudia Lars (Honduras – poetry)

born 20th century
1904 María Zambrano (Spain – essay)
1906 Mercè Rodoreda (Spain – narrative)
1921 Carmen Laforet (Spain – narrative)
1924 Claribel Alegría (Nicaragua – poetry, novel, essay, journalism)
1925 Rosario Castellanos (Mexico – novel, essay, poetry)
1925 Ana María Matute (Spain – narrative)
1933 Elena Poniatowska (Mexico – novel, essay, born Paris)
1938 Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina – novel, short story)
1936 Alejandra Pizarnik (Argentina – poetry)
1936 Esther Tusquets (Spain – narrative)
1941 Cristina Peri Rossi (Uruguay – narrative)
1944 Nancy Morejón (Cuba – poetry, essay)
1948 Gioconda Belli (Nicaragua – novel, poetry, current)
1952 Sabina Berman (theatre, Mexico, current)
1954 Carmen Boullosa (theatre and more, Mexico, current)
1954 María Rosa Lojo (short narrative and more, Argentina, current)
1957 Paloma Pedrero (theatre, Spain, current)
1959 Rigoberta Menchú (testimonio)


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