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Dossier Benedict Anderson

I am working on a dossier. Here is Nationalism and Revolution: on Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities. Advertisements

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Mothers, daughters, race, vision, Cecilia Valdés, important


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The Quadroon

Captain Mayne Reed.

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For that Cecilia paper

Here we have an important post by me, too cool to be forgotten.

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Some titles

There is Jerome’s new book but the lowest price on it is $100. And there are numerous other desirable books. From Routledge I am interested in some textbooks, the latest Latin America since Independence, the revised Latin American History Goes … Continue reading

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More Cecilia, and some thoughts on research

These are notes from the back of a napkin. + The celebration of cultural mestizaje is MARKETABLE. + Cecilia wants to be white, but is valued because she is mixed and female, and is FEARED because of being a mixed … Continue reading

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Contesting Hybridity (I can find this again in JSTOR)

Contesting Hybridity: Evangelistas and Kataristas in Highland Bolivia ANDREW CANESSA, Lecturer Department of Sociology, University of Essex. Journal of Latin American Studies 32:1 (February 2000): 115-144. Two of the most striking aspects of social change in recent decades in Latin America have been the rise of indigenist … Continue reading

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