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Gathering my thoughts

That Goodrich article “From Barbarism to Civilization: Travels of a Latin American Text,” from ALH years ago, is one of those ancient articles I have in xerox and never recycle. My notes say it is important for Orientalist sources, oriental … Continue reading

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Indigeneity in the Mexican Cultural Imagination

Here is a nice book to read. It fits my research project, and could even be used as a course textbook. Since the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1917, the state has engaged in vigorous campaign to forge a … Continue reading

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And I must reread Cornejo (and friends)

Here is an interesting piece on Cornejo on indigenismo and I should consider it.

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Más aún sobre el Facundo

The first English translation of Facundo was made in 1868 by the widow of Horace Mann; it was reviewed in The Nation. I never read Diana Sorensen Goodrich’s book on Facundo but I should. She had a very good article … Continue reading

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Simposio virtual A Contracorriente

Here it is; I should attend. And I should read this journal more regularly, and get caught up on the work of Román de la Campa; these two things are not intrinsically connected but are both on my list, and … Continue reading

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LARR 48:2 (2013)

In the interest of not having too many things, I am giving the current issue of LARR to a graduate student. Of interest to me in it are: — Zac Zimmer, “Barbarism in the Muck of the Present. Dystopia and … Continue reading

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The anthropological turn in poetry

…from Rimbaud to Leiris. This fits in with my plan for re-studying certain aspects of the avant-garde.

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